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auctions in China rocketed in barely 10 years to reach 41 percent of the global market in 2011, the bi▓ggest sh

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are in the world, according to data from Artprice, a specialist in art market information.Th▓e sales of artworks peaked in the country in 2011 and beg

an to decline in recent years.Government effo▓rts to curb luxury spending and the anti-corruption camp

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aign have played a role▓ in cooling down the Chinese buying▓ frenzy, according to a study of the Chinese a▓rt market by artnet, an art market website.P

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s self-developed high-end storage occupies over half of domestic marketChina鈥檚 self-developed high-end storage occup▓ies over half of domestic mark

etChina鈥檚 self-developed hi▓gh-end storage occupies over half of domestic market03-3▓0-2018 19:47 BJTA

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lmost 60 percent of hig▓h-end storage systems in China are provided by domestic brands, Science and Technology Daily reported on March 30.With suppor

t from related policies, China’s storage technology started from scratch not so long ago and now

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it has already▓ achieved breakthroughs in the aspects of storage medium,▓ chip technology as well as operational

software.Moreover, a group of Chinese technology enterprises are taking the lead in the deve▓lopment of high-end storage, such as Chinese tech giant Huawei.Huawei enjoyed the largest market share am▓ong the domestic brands, followed by Hikvisio

n, In▓spur, Sugon and some other brands, according to International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier global pr

ovider of market intelligence and ▓advisory services.China used to rely h▓eavily on foreign high-end storage systems,▓ said Li Zhi, President at Hangzhou-based▓ Macrosan Technologies Co., Ltd., but a large num▓ber of Chinese customers wish

to use self-made systems for the sake of information security and fewe▓r maintenance charges.Li added that up until

now, domestic brands have taken over half of the▓ domestic market share, while five years ago, the figure was less than 10 percent.NAND and DRAM mem▓ory types, the vital parts in computer storage, were ▓all produced by Japan and South Korea. However,

this year, Tsinghua Unigroup, a domestic hi-tech enterprise under the guidance of the prestigious Tsinghua Uni▓

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versity, is planning to launch made-in-China memory storage parts.Technological progress is d▓riven by the market

in China and in other cou

, noted President Li, and China is forging a whole ecosystem of high-end storage products▓ to build its own place

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to participate in the first China International Import ▓Expo (CIIE), which will take place i▓n Shanghai fro

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